Do you know that all the landfills in the world might be full by 2010? If that happens then where will all the billion tons of garbage each day go? Also do you know that 50% of landfill consists of paper?

People nowadays often use paper in whatever ways that make their life most convenient, regardless of the effects to the environment. Therefore, this book is design to educate the public about the cause and effect of paper consumption and also to encourage them to think before throwing a piece
of paper away next time. Inside this book, there are many solutions which can help an individual make a difference recycling paper.

In terms of design, the book has more of a mass production finish with all of the registration marks still visible as if it is being rushed to the production line without the thought of conservation. The color pallet started with a muddy green and progressed to a fresh green toward the solution part at the end of the book. Also, to promote recycling this book is printed on recycled paper stock.