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Cool business cards from Gitam BBDO Israel. Check them out below!



Beautiful work from Anchalee Chambundabongse. See her other proposed design after the jump.

“While at BBDO DesignWorks, I had the opportunity to design identity and packaging concepts for Fling, a new chocolate bar for the calorie-conscious, chocolate-loving fashionista.”



Set of chocolate design, based on the works of abstractionists. Designed by Peter Zharnov.

Student Spotlight: Joana Costa


Academic project developed from research on the history of tea. Through three legends exist to explain the origin of tea, have been selected three varieties of tea: Indian Tea, Japanese Tea and Chinese Tea, with a range called “Tea Orient | The Origin of Tea.” The concept is based on cultural elements characteristic of each country. Across the grid of the composition was kept the balance of information and graphics on all sides of the pack, looking for a uniform structure.

Designed by Joana Costa

iCan (Drink Creatively)


For this project, the objective is to invent a product and pick one giant company as a sponsor to produce it. APPLE was chosen as a sponsor, and the design of the whole campaign evolves around APPLE’s character. The product is named iCan to fit with all of APPLE’s product lines. iCan is a product to help break the barrier between designer and technology. As consumers drink iCan, they would immediately become proficient with the program they drink for a designated amount of time. So grab an iCan now at any APPLE retail store and just design away!

Vaquitas de Chocolate


Estudio Clara Ezcurra designed the packaging for these cow shaped chocolates filled with milk jam. “The box should be appealing to be bought as a souvenir at the gift shops in Argentina. As our country is well known for the quality of cows and their produce, our choice was a cute illustration in warm browns with country colors in a cockade.

Estudio Clara Ezcurra is a small graphic design studio from Argentina.

Pinch and Pavel Ambiont Vinyl


“Big clash of swords and sounds as the Belarussian Pavel Ambiont mets Bristol’s Pinch. The resulting two tracks of deep dark Techno Dubstep are blacker than black. Lots of crackles and snaps pound down like that lightning storm from middle earth. ‘Jellybean’ has more Dubstep edges and ‘Poison / Remedy’ holds the rod to the storm.”

Design: Creasence

Coca-Cola Mystic


French designer Jerome Olivet created this concept, Coca-Cola Mystic.  A glimpse into the future? More info and photos after the jump!

MYSTIC surprised by its beauty and intensity. It was created to live an intense and fleeting moment. Its racy style describes a supernatural world that soars skyward. Its skin has a sculpted unique spiritual experience.

We discover in the palm of our hand soft and aerodynamic forms. Its living surface is shaped by a force mysterious and transparent. It send us all the energy and excitement of Coca-Cola Its sexy lines and red color give happiness in 3 dimensions.

Both organic shapes intertwine and form a body ambiguous and fascinating. Its loving silhouette, ties into a true popular poetry.”

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